Learner Onboarding

How Do I Get Started With LinguaFolio Online?

To get started with LFO, you should understand the purpose of the platform and how to interact with some basic features (see sections below).

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LFOingo Card

What is the Purpose of Using LFO?

Why should you use LinguaFolio Online (LFO)? LFO is a digital portfolio assessment tool which will allow you to collect evidence demonstrating your communicative abilities to yourself and to others. Use it consistently, develop your abilities to reflect on your learning process, and take responsibility for your own learning!

How Do I Sign Up?

Ready to get started? Learn how you can sign up to use LFO here. If you want to use LFO as a student and are not part of a larger program using it, please email lfolio@uoregon.edu.

How Do I Log In?

Learn how to log in to your account and access your LFO dashboard.

How do I Update My Profile?

Set yourself up for success by updating your profile! Change your username or contact information, write a short biography of your experiences as a language learner, and make sure the languages you are studying are selected.

How do I Upload Evidence to Assignments and Can-Do Clusters?

Once your account is set up, it is time to get started uploading evidence to your portfolio. Learn how to upload evidence directly to your class assignments or to grouped Can-Do Clusters, and show what you know how to do!

How Do I Reflect on My Evidence? How Do I Export It?

Ready to start reflecting on where you started, what you have learned, and where you are now? Learn about two key features, My Proficiency Overview and the Evidence Review, that will help you reflect. This video also covers the export feature, which will allow you to download your evidence and reflections so that you can share them with others outside of the LFO platform.

How Do I Use Advanced Upload Features?

Do you want to use a piece of evidence to support multiple Can-Do statements that you are working on? Use the upload evidence feature!

What Are Some More Features of LFO?

LFO has a few more features you can utilize to keep your work flowing, including notifications and technology tutorials. Find and respond to notifications from your teacher or instructor about your self-evaluations, or read through step-by-step tutorials to learn or refresh your memory on using LFO’s functions.

What’s LFO to Go, The Mobile App?

Do you want to capture evidence or work on your portfolio while on the move? Use the LFO to Go app on your iOS or Android device to upload evidence or self-evaluate from wherever you are!