LinguaFolio Jr.

We are pleased to present LinguaFolio Junior for STARTALK programs. LinguaFolio Jr. can help younger learners start reflecting on their language learning progress and become more independent learners. We have developed a series of tools that can be utilized for STARTALK programs.  Since every program is so unique, we have developed templates so programs can customize their program goals.

Parent Connection
The purpose of the parent guide is to help parents interact with their children in a way that motivates and supports student learning. Even if parents cannot speak the target language, we believe that reinforcing the message that learning a language and culture opens doors and helps you connect with other people will stick better if it is reinforced at home.

LinguaFolio Jr. Parent Guide

Teacher Guide
The teacher’s guide can help teachers think through how to integrate LinguaFolio® Jr into their curriculum in a manner consistent with the core tenets of Can-Do learning.
• Prompts teachers to talk about goal setting and reflection in language comprehensible to primary and elementary children.
• Interculturality guidance prompts that resonate with younger learners, such as “Did you notice…?”
• Prompts to lead learners to understand what evidence is and deem what is good evidence, again in kid-friendly language. “What’s the reason to collect evidence and do LF anyway?”

LinguaFolio Jr. Teacher Guide

Sample STARTALK Unit/Lesson
• Shows alignment between learner goals and classroom outcomes through narrative/visuals based on the relationship among theme, unit objectives, and Can-Do statements and vice versa.

Sample Unit/Lesson

Learning Tools
We have developed Learning Tools that can be implemented in STARTALK programs. These include:

-Classroom Poster Template: This can be posted in the classroom to display program goals

-Star Journal, Passport, Dossier: These can be downloaded and printed for each student to document their progress.

All of the aforementioned documents can be downloaded here.