Welcome to LinguaFolio Online Network

LinguaFolio Online Network is a resource site dedicated to supporting educators who use LinguaFolio Online in their classrooms.

LinguaFolio Online is an ePortfolio evaluation tool that allows students to collect evidence demonstrating their communicative abilities in a world language. The ePortfolio allows students to upload evidence of their proficiency according to the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements (2015 NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements, 2017 NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements for Interpretive Communication2017 NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements for Interpersonal Communication, and the 2017 NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements for Presentational Communication).

LinguaFolio Online has the power to:

  • Assess and document student learning in a variety of ways
  • Empower students to set goals and monitor their progress
  • Promote reflective learning
  • Emphasize communicative proficiency
  • Encourage multicultural understanding
  • Help guide language programs based on students’ strengths and needs
  • Facilitate articulation among language programs based on a clear and commonly accepted description of language proficiency

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