LinguaFolio Network is a resource site dedicated to supporting educators and learners as they explore LinguaFolio.  You can access a variety of resources on this site, including tutorials and support materials.  You can even join the community and connect with other STARTALK participants for ongoing collaboration.

Resources include:

  • LinguaFolio tutorial—Overview of LinguaFolio for STARTALK Programs
  • Student tutorial—Benefits of LinguaFolio and how learners can use the tool
  • Teacher tutorial—Benefits of LinguaFolio and how teachers can use the tool
  • Technical Guide—Guidance on technical issues such as uploading evidence
  • Practical Guide—Guidance on practical issues such as instructional planning
  • Research—Literature reviews and research reports supporting LinguaFolio
  • Resources—Links to resources, including training modules for LinguaFolio
  • CanDo Exemplars—Examples of evidence for CanDo Statements


LinguaFolio Online Overview Video

Learn about LinguaFolio Online and how to use this tool in the language classroom.