Can-Do Statements
The goal for all language learners is to develop functional use of another language for one’s personal contexts and purposes. The Can-Do Statements serve two purposes to advance this goal: for programs, the statements provide learning targets for curriculum and unit design, serving as progress indicators; for language learners, the statements provide a way to chart their progress through incremental steps. The ACTFL-NCSSFL Can-Do Statements are the heart of LinguaFolio Online.

LinguaFolio Online Technical Guide
The LinguaFolio Online Technical Guide guide provides information on how to navigate the portfolio system.

LinguaFolio Jr. Learning Tools
The LinguaFolio Jr. learning tools complement the integration of the portfolio system into the K-5 classroom.

LinguaFolio Training Modules
LinguaFolio Online is based on the paper-and-pencil version of LinguaFolio developed by the National Council of State Supervisors for Languages (NCSSFL). NCSSFL and the state of North Carolina provide extensive information about LinguaFolio and how to implement this tool in your language program, which can also be applied to the online version.

Resources for Goal-setting and Reflection
The State of Nebraska has developed a series of workshop videos about how to introduce goal-setting, reflection, and self-assessment to students. These elements are key to successfully incorporating LinguaFolio Online into a program’s curriculum.

Formative Assessment Annotated Bibliography
This annotated bibliography provides a list of research articles pertaining to formative assessment and its impact on student learning.