Resources for Learners

Please access the Learner Toolkit to review our many resources (NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements, evidence examples, and tutorials),  developed for learners. In addition to these resources, learners may find guidance regarding reflecting upon interculturality, using LinguaFolio Online, and goal setting and reflection under the Learners tab.

Resources for Educators

Please access the Educator Toolkit to review our many resources developed for educators (NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements, guides, tutorials, evidence examples, formative assessment resources, and training materials). In addition to these resources, educators may find guidance regarding using LinguaFolio Online, goal setting and reflection, and creating a learner-centered classroom under the Educators tab.


Please access the STARTALK tutorials for guidance regarding using LinguaFolio Online for STARTALK users. A sample unit is available. Additionally, users may access tutorials for the STARTALK LFO to GO application.

LinguaFolio Jr. Resources
The LinguaFolio Jr. learning tools complement the integration of the portfolio system into the K-5 classroom. Access the LinguaFolio Junior resources here. These resources include guides for parents and teachers, posters, and more.

Mobile Applications

LinguaFolio Online student users may use the LFO to GO application to record and upload evidence to their online portfolios. The tutorials for both STARTALK and classic LinguaFolio Online users are available to access.